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July 9, 2009


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The Moving Finger Writes....


Ten Mile Red

It’s a blog for winelovers, it’s a blog for slackers.  It’s a blog for lazy drinkers that want somebody to, “Please! Just tell me what to buy and where to find it!”.  It’s another slacker blathering on about drinking…





   Dex Wineslacker is the alter-ego of Eric Johnson, a 60 something ex-musician, a lover of fine food and great wine. Not being well to do, he and his elegant companion try to sample a variety of cuisines and the wines that go with them. Eric is of the opinion that anybody with bucks can buy a fine wine, but when you’re one of the proletariat ya gotta be smart, know something about the wine and look for the value wines. In the pursuit of this he shells out his own coin and searches the wine shops, large and small, supermarkets, drug stores, garage sales, Big Lots, Costcos, Italian markets, and all the wineries that appear to be real wineries, not castles, mansions, or spas. He reads a lot. He’s on a mission.

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