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August 29, 2011

NAKED WINES! Now that I have your attention…

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The Wineslacker and Patient Companion enjoyed an afternoon of unusual wines and gracious gab with wine critic and activist Alice Feiring today, at the small but elegant wine shop, Domaine LA, in Hollyweird, CA. Ms. Feiring was in sunny L.A., instead of storm-lashed New York, talking about her newest book, the just released Naked Wine, Letting Grapes do What Comes Naturally. Her book describes her recent venture into the wine making world in the spirit of wine made the old fashioned way; without chemicals, flavors, designer yeasts…just grapes and the yeast that came in on them.

The shop had eight of the wines mentioned in the book and soon, very soon patient readers, the Wineslacker will divulge his notes and descriptions of each (who knew there was a wine that actually tastes like salt and pepper!). He would add that these wines were hand crafted, all out of the norm…not available in large supermarkets or Big Lots; yet none were more than $38, and there was only one of them. Several were $20 or less. Therefore the Wineslacker adds to this post the tag, Cheep Wine. 

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