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May 24, 2010

Spring is bustin’ out!

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Almost the end of May and the Wineslacker is tardy with updates again.  Alas, disappointing, he knows. As men everywhere and always; late and heavy with excuses.  Still, some new and pleasant sipping has been accomplished.  A happy chance purchase a year ago was “Claudia” Grenache, California grown on the hills of Camarillo. Grown by the Alonso Family Vineyards in 2007, and bottled by Rolling Hills Vineyards. $12 yet bursting with rich berry flavors, not over-extracted, light in color and texture, just a happy, happy wine.  Also, an old favorite, Louis M. Martini, Sonoma County Cabernet, 2007, about $16 and a really fine cab for what now is very little money.  We opened an inexpensive Bordeaux that had been sitting shyly in the back of the rack for several years, 2003 Chateau Les Grands Maréchaux, Premières Côtes De Blaye, a survivor from one of the great vintages in France, just as it was about to begin it’s inevitable slide into ruin…delicious still, rich and layered and long in the finishing.  Finally, during a visit from his younger sibling and spouse, he opened a real delight from the Santa Ynez Valley, Qupé’s 2004 Los Olivos Cuvée, a masterful blend by Bob Lindquist, one of the first of the “Rhone Rangers” of Central California, a steal in 2007 when it was $22.  Of the four, only the the “Claudia” Grenache is likely to be hard to find because it was so small a production.  The Bordeaux was a recommendation from the very experienced folks at Hi Time Wine Cellars, Costa Mesa, California,  If you’re in the Costa Mesa area, drop by Hi Time.  They’re the real deal.

Summer is coming.

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