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December 10, 2009

New at the Trader’s

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We have to say, the ‘slacker really likes the newest Pinot at Trader Joes.  Look for Windbreak, Santa Lucia Highlands, Sarmento Vineyard, 2006, an incredible $9.99.  Slightly smoky, with spiced crab apple in the nose.  It’s a lighter, cool climate Pinot, slightly acidic, from Burgundian clones.  Probably great with lamb.  Those beautiful, thick, little chops from New Zealand.  Probably love the wine just because it comes from that incredible part of the golden state; the wild Sur.  Somebody stop t he ‘slacker before he gets going.  And there is the great package it comes in.  Nah,we mean the bottle!  Yeah, it’s heavy glass, comes with a proper cork, not plastic or one of those cheap, composite things that get all fungusy so quickly.  It’s got a solid, long (length really does matter), slightly waxy cork, that makes a nice little pop when you pull it. A real nice, classy label.  You could give this baby for a gift, be sure they’ll like it and never know you only paid $9.99 for it! From Riboli Wines, the family that owns the old San Antonio Winery, one of the last (if not the last) big wineries of Los Angeles.

December 4, 2009

Now available on Kindle!

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Attention you high-tech readers! Your favorite wine blog is now available on your Kindle (after December 7th)!

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