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November 30, 2009

Update: Von’s Sale

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California Essentials

California Essentials

Drop by your local Von’s and check out their wine dept. this week. The Wineslacker’s local Von’s was running a fab sale on almost all their quality wines. The ‘slacker picked up Justin 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon for $20, DeLoach Russian River Valley Zinfandel for about $10 and 2007 Guenoc Petite Sirah, which they have always done very well, for about $9 (ok, we’re a little sloppy on the prices, I SWORE I was going to keep track of the receipt, went and cleaned off the dining table and it was gone). Von’s has one of the nicest wine departments of the big chains. Oh, yeah, ya gotta get their plastic coupon card to get those prices, but what the hell, it’s only your privacy and a little more junk mail. If ya have to choose between wine and privacy; well, we think we know on which side of that line the Wineslacker falls.

November 10, 2009

Don’t forget there’s other colors.

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Three French beauties

Three French beauties

There are some great white and rosé wines out there that should not be overlooked.  Your fruit-bomb Shiraz from Oz may not be the one to match up with the jumbo scallops you just paid $18 a pound for.  Here are a few inexpensive bright spots on the market now.

Chateau de Fountgraves, 2007, Pic Saint Loup Rose (Coteaux Du Languedoc, don’t ya just love that French) picked up at Cost + (World Market – whatever).  A fine, fruity but dry rosé from an underrated appellation.  We don’t recall now, but in the Summer this was probably under $11.  Rosés are delightful and provided they are not too bland, as some are, a beautiful food wine.

Caves Des Perrières, Pouilly Fumé, from the Loire Valley, 2008, this minerally Sauvignon Blanc has been available regularly at Trader Joe’s for an astounding $9.95.  It is without the grassy taste typical of many Sauvignon Blancs and crisp, clean, fruity but dry.  The perfect accompaniment to those expensive scallops. Refreshing and delicious.

Chateau Rives-Blanques, 2005, Cuvée de L’Odyssée, Limoux Chardonnay.  Costco carries it for all of $15.99.  A captivating Chardonnay, without the cloying oak of California Chards.  This is clean and voluptuous, fantastic with soft cheeses.  The ‘slacker had it with a nice Camembert.  With fruit and a baguette, this is a luxurious lunch.  Don’t forget one of the ‘slackers all time favs frequently at Costco, along with other fine wine sellers, Le Chablisienne, the wine that takes back the reputation of real Chablis at a price we can afford, about $16.  Remember, Chablis is a place, not a grape.

Last, but far from least, a great buy in sparklers, at Whole Foods, for about $11, J.P. Chenet, Blanc du Blanc.  A tasty, not bland, sparkling wine from France, but not Champagne. Great any time, and would make a great New Years party wine at this price. And what a great bottle! Even a little depression on the side for your thumb; it’ll make your guests feel special. Happy 2010!  Terrific with a bird, with salads and light soups; also with cheeses.

You noticed these are all French? Well, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some whites and rosés from other places that are great too.  Germany, California, certainly Italy, New Zealand, Long Island and the Finger Lakes in New York.  But don’t miss out on these French lovelies at great prices and wide availability. Cheers!

November 2, 2009

Update on Guenoc at BevMo

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Kaths Grapes 3 06

Katharine's Grapes

Fellow ‘slackers; forget about that great price on Guenoc Victorian Claret from BevMo. Turns out to be for the Grand Opening only. Your’s Truly forgot to ask HOW LONG would that price be good… now it’s $19.95. Should have followed the sage advice of the last beautiful woman I had dinner with; “Take a wine opener with you, open the bottle in the parking lot, and if it’s good, go back in and buy a case.” That’s from a smart shopper (unlike the Wineslacker). Now, it’s still an interesting wine; just much less interesting at $19.95.

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