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March 2, 2009

Think About Spain

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To my hard drinking friends; the Wineslacker is still at work. Never resting in his drive to sample the world’s cheap wines. He’s expecting a new mpeg4 camera soon and hopes to share video of actual consenting adults, doing their utmost to contribute to the international economy by purchasing and drinking large quantities of plonk, regardless of the much talked about, alleged recession.

A big shout out (OK, a mild plug) to Off the Vine; a tiny, if truly friendly and attractive new wine shop in San Pedro, California, just across from the Warner Grand; one of the beautiful, newly restored movie palaces in Southern California, on Sixth Street in Downtown San Pedro.

The ‘Slacker recommends you try the highly drinkable everyday wines from Spain, to stock up your daily casual rack. Recently, from Off the Vine… Alabanz Crianza 2002, from Rioja; about $9, and (OK, the name’s a little off-putting) Wrongo Dongo, 2006, from Jumilla, Espana; about $10 and TR1, 2004, from Toro; also about $9. Great, slightly oaky, peppery everyday drinkers that are so handy to have for yourself and your family for pasta dinners, barbecue on the patio, or a hearty stew on cold winter nights. You might not always want to open a $30-$40 bottle for those everyday occasions.

Also, an old friend from France is back; Chateau Segonzac, Cru Bourgeois, 2006, is a great bordeaux buy. We got it at BevMo, with the club card, for about $14. YES, a drinkable bordeaux red for $14. Fantastique!

We leave you with a recently spotted bumper sticker: “Drink, Don’t Drive”.

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